Running a DV4mini on a Raspberry Pi using Ubuntu MATE

How to install - PDF Download of Instructions

Files to be downloaded (updated October 4, 2016)

{Note: the suitable of these files has not been fully tested. They are duplicates of the files that work on my RPi3 but are just copies. You need one of the Control Panels plus the dv_serial file. All must be set as executable in Linux. Both sets are known to work with Ubuntu MATE (with mono) and with Raspbian Jessie (also with Mono). My early testing with Raspbian Pixel has NOT been successful. Please report successes or failures when using these files and the instructions provided. Thanks!}

Linux (RPi) ARM-HF 32bit dv4mini files 5/23/2016:

Linux (RPi) DMR-MARC/DMR+access dv4mini+ files:

A few Basic Linux Commands

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